Welcome to my development blog

I will upload everything to do with games, games development and Computer Security/Programming. This will include College work, University work, code, alpha testing reports, rants and general research. If you want to get in touch with me you can do so on Twitter by tweeting @TwidsDev. Most important updates will be posted on the home page(here) with a link to a blog post if I write one. Have fun :) I studied Game Developing in college for 2 years and now I'm currently studying Computer Information & Security at University. I also produce EDM music. You can listen to my stuff at Soundcloud.com/Twids and you can follow what I do with music on Facebook.com/OfficialTwids or Twitter.com/OfficialTwids.

  • Programming Languages

    VB.net | GML | C# | Python

  • Photo Editing Software

    Photoshop | Illustrator

  • Game Engine

    Game Maker: Studio | Unreal Engine | Unity

  • Music Software/DAW

    FL Studio | Ableton | Logic Pro