Alpha Test – Rainbow Six: Siege

My final bug report and general report on the Rainbow Six: Siege Alpha Test. You can find my write up at:

Overall Thoughts
Overall I think the game is going into a good direction, not keeping the traditional RainbowSix theme hasn’t been any kind of a problem for me. The new game mode is a great idea and is a good way to pass a bit of time, I saw its a good way to pass a bit of time because the game mode isn’t very long. The shortest game I had was around 5 minutes maybe shorter and the longest game around 10-15 minutes.

Issues & Bugs
I played only with Keyboard and Mouse because of time restrictions I had on playing the game so I can’t say what the controller experience was like but with Keyboard and Mouse the controls felt a little delayed. Because of the small delay I found myself running into corners of walls and obstacles a lot more. Sometimes this wouldn’t be a big issue but I had a few deaths due to it as well.


The loading time for the game were far too long. It would take around 5 minutes just to load when I joined a game but quite fast when the round changes. I also had a problem where I would be stuck on the loading screen going into a game, at times I’d leave it 10-15 minutes before closing the game and having to load it up again.

One problem I faced quite a lot was when choosing classes the icons wouldn’t show up for about 5-10 seconds, I could still choose a class but i couldn’t see anything but the peoples names of what class they had chosen. Which you can see below.

Another huge problem I encountered while playing is half way through a game is everyone stopped moving and the game just finished counting down and didn’t end, the counter was stuck at 0:00. At first I thought i was disconnected from the game or something was wrong with my internet, but i could still hear people talking and i saw a couple of people leave after a couple of minutes and some people stayed to see what has happened. I couldn’t shoot, could only reload once but my ammo was still at 0, tried running right into peoples frozen characters and shooting them and there was no affect. Everyone apart from me were frozen in play either just stood there or stopped half way through an animation. Screen Shot below.



The final bug I found is sometimes when spawning as a RC Surveillance ‘thing’ I’d spawn outside an area or in very awkward ones like behind a fence/gate and having to get free by spamming spacebar and ‘W’.

Replicating These Bugs
These bugs in my knowledge just started randomly. Every time I saw the bugs, there was nothing I had done before that to replicate them.

New Idea
I think it could be useful to choose a RC ‘thing’ or a RC Drone/Quadcopter into the game.

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