New Prototype

I have developed on the idea from last week. I have kept the same mechanic of making a choice that can impact the player a lot but I’ve left choosing people because I couldn’t find the best way to implement that into a game but still have a goal or ending to the game.

I have made a ‘simulator’ type game where you go through the day and choose what you do. Depending on what you do will affect your stats that you have to keep above 0. When it gets to 20% it will decrease faster showing as you fatigue. Along side the stats will be a picture showing expressions like happy, sad, annoyed ect…

Once you’ve chosen an activity depending on what it is, it will open a mini game for you to play that I will be created using GameMaker and just execute the .EXE file from my game. This allows me making a simple interface but also not restricting myself to not being able to make a game in because it isn’t a game engine.

Prototype 2

Depending on what time of day it is will increase and decrease the randomness of some activities. For example, in a morning you will most likely get an option to eat and at night you will get the option to sleep more.

Because I’m making my own in game clock (real time *This might change*) I’m having to have a variable for minutes and a variable for hours. A timer pauses and adds 1 onto minutes every minute (60000 milliseconds because the timer runs with milliseconds) and I have an if statement that when the minute variable = 60 then the hour variable will go up by 1 and reset the minutes.

Prototype 2 Code

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