All these apps/programs will be open-source programs that I have created and abandoned in the past. The appropiate Creative Commons License will be included in the Source Code Zip File.

*Code might be old and outdated, please keep in mind Syntax may change over time*


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Open-i is programmed using Visual Basic, it was created to allow other users who are beginners, wanting to get into iOS hacking/exploitation, to research code with a somewhat easy syntax. I also created it because most iOS hacking tools were created in C#,  C++, C or Objective-C. I reversed engineered an application on Mac and another application on windows (Can’t remember the names, may need to update this post when I get more time), modified the code so it could work on a higher version of iOS and started programming it in Visual Basic.

***This really did start out as a small project of just playing around with code and seeing what happens to creating a work around to a patch Apple had made***

The Application allowed a user to create custom Carrier Text or image on iOS 6 without the need to Jailbreak.

The code isn’t efficient and is a little buggy but I was 15 at the time 😉 but most of the bugs are sorted in the executable version.


open-i-screenshot-1 open-i-screenshot-2