Project Proposal

The name of my project will be ‘Light Note’. This is because I realised that my ideas for my game resemble the Death Note from Death Note. I haven’t really watched it but I know of it. In Death Note there’s a note where if you write down someone’s name whilst picturing their face they die, so after seeing the actual game I’m making you understand it. In the end I’m hoping to create a small amount of actual concept art, but a LOT of fully functional programmed prototypes, working towards actually creating my game. I mainly want to create a finished game with a working point system, and for it to successfully grip the emotion of the audience as they will be making very difficult choices. In my prototype so far, I am aiming for the game to bring up two faces of people, it will tell you their names, age, and a specific thing wrong with them which will kill them in 15 seconds. So far it works, but I want to eventually give it a better design and interface, a morality system, and MUCH larger database of people to choose from, maybe even putting in people that I know, or a celebrity mode for when you complete the game. I think that it would be a great idea to add politicians to mix it up a bit potentially adding consequences to your decisions, though this is only a concept at this point. All of this relates to my work and ideas and creative ability as all of this work is directly from my initial concepts and ideas, and it is also helping me develop as a programmer as I can broaden my coding skills whilst working on my FMP at the same, as programming is the main thing that I am interested in, at least in terms of this course.

My first initial influenced came to me with the intention of doing some Primary Research, starting off with a questionnaire, this was to get multiple idea’s for the word power, seen as it was my topic I chose. The results I got for the question “What comes to mind when you think of Power?” were; ‘Electricity, The Ability to Do, Control, Physical Strength, YOUR MOM (Yeah I know, but might as well tell you all of them), Money, Red. A leader ,The ability to control someone, Energy and electricity’

From these results, it opened my eyes to how many ways power can be perceived. This gave me an idea to step away from conventional meaning of power and start looking into responsibility and thought about how much power and responsibility someone has when they have to make the decision to “Pull the plug” on a hospitalized patient. As harsh as this topic sounds, it happens everyday and you don’t think about “what happens when someone has to suggest the idea to someone.”. This thought also ticked more boxes on my research as I asked the question? “What is more appealing and gripping for a Game?” This resulted with; ‘Realistic, Dark, Serious and Harsh, Ridiculous and Funny, and finally A bit of Both’. A lot more people voted for Realistic, Dark, Serious and Harsh than I expect so I tried coming up with some ideas that are Realistic, Dark, Serious and Harsh because when someone sits down to play my game it will make them think harder about the choices they make and it also ‘Kicks them in the chest’ when they realise how serious the topic is.

Because of the dark side to my game I thought It’d be best to keep it just dark because if I start adding humour to the game people might see it as an insult. I looked into other games that was controversial for having harsh and dark content like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (No Russian), Man Hunt (Violence and Gore), Whiplash (Animal Cruelty), JFK: Reloaded (Recreating the assassination of JFK) and finally Super Columbine Massacre (Simulated events from a High School Massacre) I looked at Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 because it has a mission called No Russian. This mission was controversial because of the harsh way you have to massacre harmless civilians. I looked at Man Hint because it can be considered as harsh because of the violence and gore that is in the game. I had a small glimpse at Whiplash because of the seriousness of animal cruelty. I had already heard of the game JFK: Reloaded and this is game is controversial for being dark about the assassination of JFK, you play as Lee Harvey Oswald as you try to simulate the assassination. The last game, Super Columbine Massacre, is a game based on a massacre that happened in a high school. Clearly the subject area that I largely intend to research is that of the controversial area in order to keep my game as blameless as it possibly can be. For more varied research I want to look into controversial movies, books and historical locations as this will greatly help me in my fundamental overall research. I don’t really think that I will look into other areas, as my game is mainly interface based and I don’t require the environmental type of research or anything else.

The techniques and processes I wish to use is largely that of programming. I wish to greatly implement all of the skills that I have learnt in various editing programs such as Photoshop in order to design the prototypes and final game, making it look polished and complete to the best of my ability.  I am planning my time appropriately by creating a detailed Gantt Chart, which efficiently covers all of the week days leading up to the end of the assignment, showing when and what I shall be working on. This will be the perfect timescale for me to divide my time to each subject that I want to do, e.g- programming, research, designing etc…

I will critically analyse my work by going through each of my prototypes and finding out what is wrong with them and what works, adding all of the best bits to my final piece, and getting rid of the bad parts that don’t work in the process. For the evaluation at the end, I’m going to compare all of my prototypes to that of my final product, to see how I grew and changed things, showing myself all of the things that went good and bad, what to improve ect… I believe this will help my project and future projects as I will know what eventually needs to be done to improve. I will also go around my class showing them my prototypes and get their feedback, in order to see other people’s opinions on the game, watching their reaction to see if it has hit them in the way that I actually intended.

I’m coming to the end of my Final Major Project and I’ve been thinking over the last month or so. A thing people may be thinking is why Visual Basic over a game engine like GameMaker. The basic idea of this is because I needed something that was more application based. I’d still be able to do it in GameMaker but it will be a lot more time consuming because there isn’t just a button object, I have to make an object with 2 sprites (Normal button and clicked down button) and I’ll have to do this for every single button. Because I needed to start quickly and couldn’t have a slow start, Visual Basic was a great substitute because I could drag and drop the objects and get straight to coding. This was important because the most time consuming part of my game was the coding and I needed to know as quickly as possible if my idea was feasible. Another reason for going with Visual Basic is because I’ve had over 6 years working with it, I can confidently code in VB.Net with very little help with syntax, code problem ect online.

Seen as Visual basic is application based it’s not the best for visual looks, to get over this restriction I’m gonna use a game looking theme and import the code for the original button to the theme button. The theme doesn’t go over the existing objects, the theme will have a separate button object ect… Depending on the theme, I can have some objects with a theme and some without certain objects.

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